About Us

Honey Bees LLC is a Brand I have built in my dreams.

I am a woman-owned co-op in Wasilla Alaska. Honey Bees is a limited under 500 square foot marijuana cultivation. While cultivating, we will produce premium cannabis products for retailers as far as Alaska has to offer. The Limited grow allows us to keep things simple, and minimal. We love having a smaller footprint that will enable us to maximize production and keep emissions low. We strive to be organic-based cultivation allowing us to give back to the earth rather than take away from it while maintaining an optimal growing atmosphere. I have learned the trade for over 13 years running, side by side with a leading cultivation owner.

“I have been the Worker Bee for long enough to know that your dreams are achievable with hard work and dedication. With perseverance and ambition of an entire hive, Honey Bees is striving for perfection with our cannabis cultivation.” – Brandi Massman