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Our In House Strains

Dank Berry Blue

The Dank Berry Blue coming in hot on the Terpene Levels. This Dank has some amazing flavors of blueberry that just resonate in the orgasmic realms of pungent flavor. Honey Bees is proud to serve the finest of Blueberry cuts to be found. You can find The Dank Berry Blue at the finest retailers across Alaska.

10th Planet

10th Planet Home of the Grape. This Kief Gusher is one of a kind. Pungent and packed with an amazing body high.

World Peace

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could all grab a bong and get along.. Imagine the World Peace. With this strain, you’ll be there. Completely and blissfully in harmony on its pungent and powerful takeover. World peace can be found in the finest retails Alaska has to offer.

Lemon Harambe

I would say it packs a punch but it’s more of a wallop from a whole bag of lemons. This Stanky Lemon takes after every bit of its name. Enjoy the smooth lemon and taste and feel its power.