Honey Bees Rolling Tray


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A Rolling tray is an essential tool for people who roll their own herbs. It provides a flat surface for the specific purpose of rolling joints, blunts, and spliffs. Whether you’re a joint-rolling artist, or a novice, a tray is an essential tool. 

For many smokers, joints or blunts are one of the most pleasant ways to consume cannabis. They are easy to roll, don’t require a bunch of expensive and potentially breakable equipment, and they’re a convenient way to smoke on the go. 

This tray has a base layer of thin metals, that have been plated with my custom colors and then completely sealed with epoxy. They are Alcohol safe for any cleaning purposes and completely durable for any of your smoking adventures. 

Each tray is different to give it that unique vibe, to match its user 🙂 


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